Links for the Summer 2013 section of CISY-274.


The Register


Krebs on Security
Internet Storm Center
The Volokh Conspiracy
Verizon RISK blog

Ripped from the Headlines:

How to outsource your job to China
Maybe you’d like to pick another vendor for your firewall?

Older stuff —
Hackers strike again
Careful about that encryption!
Phone hacking from an expert


Log files:
Your tax dollars at work – recommendations from the National Institute of Standards:



Firefox browser add-ons (also useful for web developers!):

– what technology is that site running?
Adblock Plus – sorry I’m not interested in being infected by your advertising…
NoScript – No I’m not going to run your Javascript until I know where it comes from
Fireshot – I want a pretty screencap
Ghostery – No I’m not going to be tracked by your cookie


Class links (replicated from Lions Den which as usual will crap out when least expected or desired)

  • Channel 9 – Defrag Tools – Video Series   Defrag Tools – from Microsoft – a show all about specialized tools for troubleshooting Windows. Start with episode #1 – build your custom thumb drive, and go forth. Highly recommended.
  • Coding – a short movie      Watch this. Change your life. Seriously.
  • How DNS works – short form  Short animation about the search pattern for DNS entries.
  • NJ Computer Crime Statutes    HTML Browsable version of NJ Computer Crime Statutes.
  • NY Times hacked!!! Threat Level covers the story – the New York Times admits being hacked, passwords and emails lost.
  • Please watch this – Warriors of the Net    Introduction to how the Internet works… specifically, information on packets, addressing, firewalls, proxies and routers. Good introduction to the topic. Recommended if networking terms seem confusing.
  • Secure Password Generator  Page which generates various random strings – useful for creating passwords.
  • SOME Potential Topics for Term Project    Some topics – more exist, but this is a good starter list.
  • The Future of Anti-Virus   From MIT: “An influx of advanced malware will force big antivirus companies to either evolve or cede turf to a crop of startups.”
  • US Secret Service “Forward Edge”    US Secret Service (Dept of Homeland Security) website for computer crime resources. This page is the “Field Guide” home which allows access to individual state pages with additional resources. Each state page includes the state’s statutes on computer crime as well as other contact points and resources on the web.
  • FREE BOOK: Security Engineering – The Book (Ross Anderson) — Full text available online, with links to buy a printed copy.

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